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Your RealityShifter Stories
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red iceberg roses
red iceberg roses
Intention and Red & White Roses
Morristown, Tennessee, USA

I've been reading in these posts about how your intentions can change reality. It just happened to me but took years to manifest! I had a beautiful Iceberg rose bush, which grew faithfully every year outside my window. It was the most delicate shade of ivory/white. One day I opened a garden catalog and noticed that they were selling something different, a red Iceberg Rosebush. I loved the photo of the red Iceberg and thought about how great to have one since my white Iceberg is my favorite rosebush. I didn't order one.

I mess around a lot with roses. My friend who works at a florist's brought me a whole bucket of stems a few years ago, to see if I could start any and get them to grow into roses. My mom told me not to be disappointed if none grew, since hot house roses are notoriously difficult to start from cuttings. Out of the whole bucket of stems, I got one to grow. Since they were only stems, I didn't know what I was going to get but I grew the bush anyway.

Last year, my mystery bush finally bloomed and it was another white Iceberg. I looked at my two Icebergs and thought, now I have two!

This week, my orignal Iceberg bloomed outside my window like it does every year, but it's now a deep blood red. My mom asked if I'd pruned back too far and the original rootstock had bloomed out, but I've never pruned my Iceberg and besides, it's a bareroot rose. Anyway, the roses are still Icebergs... the form is unmistakable.

I laughed and thought about the Rolling Stones song about "you can't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need." Maybe it's a little silly wishing for a red Iceberg rose, but the universe decided I needed it.

PS -- I found out that those roses don't even come in red! The sports of the white Iceberg rose are only available in pink and burgundy!. All those years, I was mistakenly wishing for a red Iceberg and right now, I guess I've got the only one. How strange is that? Please share my reality shift story because this one makes me smile every time I see those roses.

Note from Cynthia: What a marvelous reality shift this is! I love how you describe this lovely story about getting your very favorite red iceberg rose bush after years of longing for one. I've noticed that plants can be highly responsive to peoples' intentions, and perhaps that is a large part of what it means to have a green thumb... working together harmoniously with plants, rather than at cross purposes with them. Hooray for your getting first an iceberg rose, and then for that white iceberg rose to transform into a red iceberg!

Unexplained Event
Upper Haliford, Shepperton, UK

On Saturday the 27th of February 2010 at approximately 11:20 am, I experience an event which I am unable to explain. My son lives in a rented house along with approximately five other occupants. The layout of the house consists of one ground floor with two bedrooms (occupied) with a shared kitchen, with an additional two floors. My son occupies a room on the first floor.

I went into my son's room he was busy getting to grips with the day after a heavy night out with his mate. I decided whilst he was getting his head into gear to go downstairs and check the post for him, I picked up a handful of post and divided it up into the names of the occupants living there (and past) laying each occupants letters in a neat pile side by side each other on the glass table within the kitchen. I observed at the time of doing this the kitchen light was on, the chairs to the glass table where around the table and there was a pair of brown caterpillar work boots just outside the kitchen by the stairs (occupants were asked to take their shoes off before going upstairs). I took out the one and only letter for my son and went back upstairs to his room.

My son was still getting to grips with the new day so I decided to go to my car and get some documents to show him. When I went back upstairs his room was locked I banged on his door, he did not answer, I tried calling him (tried approximately three times), he did not answer, I banged on his door again and half shouted his name (I was getting concerned now) I looked in the first floor toilet, he was not there I went downstairs and checked the downstairs toilet, he was not there, I then went into the kitchen it was then that I observed the following

1. The Kitchen light was off
2. A chair had been placed upside-down on the glass table
3. The post was all in one pile and placed in the middle of the up turned chair.
4. The brown caterpillar work boots were replaced by two pairs of shoes one pair oxblood slip on and another pair brown slip on.
5. My son was not in the Kitchen at the time

By this time I was very concerned about the whereabouts of my son. At this point I concluded he could only be outside at the back of the house where he had a car he was fixing, so I made sure I left the door slightly open, ran out to the back of the house (an approximate distance of some 50 metres), and quickly looked around (for approximately ten seconds) before running back, as I saw he was not there. When I went back into the house, I noticed the kitchen light was on. I went into the kitchen to find my son drying up some pots and pans, and I observed the following:

1. The Kitchen light was on
2. The chair was not on the glass table
3. The post I had laid out was as I had originally laid it out
4. The shoes had been replaced by the brown caterpillar work boots

I asked my son where he had been, and he replied "I have been here the entire time dad, sorting out the pots and pans." I told him my story and he said “you must have dreamt it dad, and reiterated he had been in the kitchen all the time. There was a young lady who came out of one of the first floor rooms who I said, "I appear to have lost my son" she told me I could go downstairs and wait for him there (meaning until he shows up). I am unsure where to place this last paragraph although it was part of the whole event. I did go back to my son's house and experienced another unexplained event.

The Landlord had asked all the occupants to move out and on this premise my son and his mother have gradually been moving things out of his room. The carpet in his room was very dirty and so his mother and Idecided we should hire a carpet cleaning machine which required all his things to be eithertaken to his mother's or moved around to enable the carpet to be cleaned one weekend.

When I went to see him a week or so after the first event I went into his room thinking, "He must have moved his bed somewhere (as the room seemed a lot larger than normal)" in preparation for the carpet to be cleaned proceeded to chat about things and went home after my visit.

I rang my son from my home the same day and said "Well done for sorting out your room ready for the carpet to be cleaned" and "Where did you put the bed?" He replied, "Dad the bed was in the room all the time when you came to see me".

So again I am at loss to explain this event. My son is not one to play elaborate tricks on me and being a young man would/could not be bothered to dismantle and remove the bed as a joke. I'm very confused.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing such a detailed account of most remarkable situations. Your experiences remind me of somewhat similar stories which have been reported to RealityShifters in the past, in which an entire room or building appeared first one way, then a short while later appeared completely different. When such things have happened in my life, they have helped me realize that reality is not nearly as firm, solid, and unchanging as most people assume... but is instead extremely malleable. Such experiences can be difficult to discuss with others, since they so thoroughly challenge fundamental assumptions and beliefs of most people -- yet discussing them can help you and others better grasp the fact that there is a hidden order beneath the trappings of our physical world, and everything can indeed change in an instant.

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