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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Grand Central Station Shift
Judith (Dr. J)
Enfield, CT

Over the first weekend of June this year I attended my thirty-fifth Barnard College reunion at Columbia University. My friend, Raul daSilva, and I had come in to New York on the train and taken a cab to Columbia on Friday. On Sunday morning we were on our way to a brunch in Brooklyn Heights before returning home by train in the afternoon. We decided to take a cab back to Grand Central Station (GCS) and leave our luggage there in the lockers we remembered from years ago before going on to Brooklyn, unencumbered, by subway.

We exited our taxi at the first Lexington Avenue entrance to GCS. As we walked down the wide long hall we noticed an electronic display at the end. We asked each other where the lockers might be. Raul remembered that they might be on a lower level. I suggested that the electronic display might have that information. Raul said the display was about train departures. We walked up to the display to discover that Raul was right. We were unsure what to do next.

Just then Raul noticed a man standing on the side of the hall about halfway back along the way we had just passed. Raul walked back to him and asked if he knew where the lockers were. He said, "Right this way!" and led us down a side hall right by where he had been standing. It was a luggage storage area where you surrendered your luggage to an unseen depository in return for claim checks. We left our luggage with some misgivings.

We then walked back down the hall and descended the stairs to get to the subway. In following the signs, though, it turned out we had to come back upstairs and walk across the station before we could go back down to the Lexington Avenue subway.

We had a most unusual subway ride on a train much cleaner than I remembered from the past. A young mother gathered her children up and insisted we take their seats. There was not a single homeless person or addict in our car. When we got out at our stop and wondered aloud which exit to take, a young man who heard us offered to show us the way, stayed with us, and showed us which way to go to our destination when we left the subway.

When we came back to GCS later that afternoon and went in the same Lexington Avenue entrance, there was no side hall along that hallway. We had to ask a vendor at a kiosk at the end of the hall to find out that the parcel area was one level down. This kiosk had not been there when we passed by in the morning.

The actual parcel area and man looked the same - just physically on the lower level now. As we located the parcel area we had to walk past a police post, which had not been anywhere on our route earlier in the day. Both of us were overwhelmed by this experience and still felt disoriented for several days afterward.

Because we both perceived the event and the reality before and after, the shift involved us both. Possible explanations:

Some link between us was able to displace us from a reality/timeline in which events were not propitious for us to one that is. Some force/entity protecting Raul or me or us was able to displace us from a reality/timeline in which events are not propitious for us to one that is. Some aspect of my spirit or Raul's in a different reality was able to displace us from the reality/timeline in which events are not propitious for us to one that is.

There is an aspect of our harmonious interaction that reverberates with a universal chord that we encountered at that exact time and place and the parcel man is a symbol of the universal harmony.

My Mother's Message
by Kathryn Lanier
Central Piedmont Region, North Carolina

Long before I understood metaphysical principles such as synchronicity and choosing our parents prior to our earthly incarnation, I believed my mother loved my brothers best. I held this belief for over thirty years. My mother's soul released the body and personality that we knew as our mother in October of 1998 after an excruciating battle with breast cancer.

There was much hullabaloo surrounding the receiving and funeral because her body had to be moved from Georgia to North Carolina. My grandmother was distraught that mother's gold thimble could not be found to display on mother's finger while she was viewed by friends and family during the receiving.

Mother was an extremely gifted fabric artist. There was nothing concerning the fabric arts -- sewing, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, quilting -- that was beyond the scope of my mother's talent and ability.

My stepfather was distraught that mother's gold Hawaiian wedding band could not be located to place on her finger during the receiving.

My mother and stepfather had spent eighteen months in Hawaii prior to the Air Force transferring them to Georgia for my mother to be close to her family during her last months here with us. I believe those months in Hawaii were the happiest of my mother's sad and difficult life. She missed her friends in Hawaii desperately when she returned stateside and was very lonely much of the time she lived in Georgia. My brothers and my grandmother moved in with my mother and stepfather during the final five months of her life.

No one called me when mother's health crises occurred and when they did manage to call, it was after the fact. My stepfather told me not to come after I had made arrangements to join the rest of the family. My mother yelled at me. My brothers gave me cryptic phone messages and my grandmother cried. I felt left out, hurt, and angry. My stepfather called me on October 9, 1998, to tell me that if I planned to come see mother, I had better come now, that it had gotten pretty bad. I did not know what "pretty bad" meant and learned long after the funeral that mother had been on the verge of a coma for weeks prior to this call.

I did race to her side and spent four incredible days with her before her death. I had made my peace with my relationship with my mother and I had spent time bringing closure for both of us earlier in the year so the ocean waves of grief did not hit me for several months after her death. I had offered to help my stepfather go through my mother's things and he had consistently told me he was OK and that he would do it in his own time. He called in early May to tell me that the Air Force was shipping him to Las Vegas, Nevada, the second week in June and asked if I could come help him with mother's things. He just could not bring himself to do it.

So back to Georgia I went in a large rental van with two four year olds and a sixteen year old! Folding my mother's clothes into boxes, going through the pockets of jeans that held tubes of her favorite lipsticks and pain pills, emptying purses of old tissues and odd keys, placing her shoes in cardboard boxes, living and sleeping among her things brought me a more intimate knowledge of my mother as a person than I had ever been privy to during her time here with me. I carefully went through every pocket, shook each shoe out of habit from living in spider infested country.

My stepfather's chest of drawers sat diagonally to the closet where mother's shoes were stored. I lifted one of her shoes and as I shook it, out pops one gold thimble. I was alone in the room and just started laughing. Apparently my stepfather had hidden the thimble from my grandmother and mother hid it from him for me to find. I did not attach great significance to this find, I just thought it was typical of mother's ability to really mess with people! My stepfather had gone through mother's jewelry armoire and removed the pieces he wanted to keep and told me to go through the rest and take what I wanted. It was this task that finally brought me to tears, brings me to tears just in the remembering. There were pieces she had kept from the time she was married to my father 45 years before. I felt that I was choosing the only items my daughters would ever have that meant something to the grandmother they barely knew.

Let me reiterate how meticulously I went through the pockets of all the clothing, purses, cosmetic bags, and suitcases. Not once, but three different times. Once in Georgia where my stepfather had been enjoying the privilege of finally getting to smoke his cigars in the house!

Once when I returned to my home in North Carolina prior to setting everything out to air. And, finally, once when I prepared things for the wash. One item in particular had caught my eye. It was just a simple, inexpensive traveling bag for toiletries but I liked it because it was bright, colorful, and washable! I cannot emphasize enough how thoroughly I checked every pocket of that bag! I had pulled out everything! I washed the bag on gentle and lifted it from the machine to hang it to dry. I saw a glint in the tub of the machine as I lifted the bag out and found several inexpensive pierced earrings. Then just at the edge of the agitator, tucked underneath, was a bright gold glint. My mother's Hawaiian wedding band. I was astonished. Rest assured that the wedding band and earrings may have been missed if I had only checked the bag once, but I checked it three times.

My mother's wedding band was the message I needed to break through my instincts to begin forming true metaphysical sensitivities. Our relationship was not personal. She had played the part that she and I had agreed upon prior to our incarnation in this lifetime for me to learn the skills I would need to follow my spiritual journey and offer my gifts for the greater good of humanity. In spite of other's efforts to prevent it, my mother gave me her two prized possessions. A gold thimble to remind me of the awesome gift of creativity that she passed on to me and a beautiful, intricate gold wedding band to remind me of our relationship and what it really meant for my journey. She loved each of us in the way that our souls had agreed upon, I was loved. It is all I ever really need to know about us.

Copyright 2000 by Kathryn Lanier
All Rights Retained by the Author

Transported Orthotics
by Laura M. Scott
Reiki Master/Teacher
Raleigh, N.C.

I moved into my new house on January 15th, 2000. Since that time, I have been searching for my "orthotics," which are specially fitted inserts that I put in my shoes. I am the owner of a flower shop and I'm on my feet all day, and these orthotics help keep my feet from hurting.
My feet have been so sore, that I decided to go to my podiatrist to get another pair. I was told they would cost over $400.00! This was too much for me to afford at this time, so I put off ordering new orthotics. I decided to do something else instead.

Since I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a very spiritual person, I decided to meditate, pray, "send energy/thoughts out there" or, whatever you prefer to call it, to locate these orthotics. I tried to recall the events around the time when I had seen them last. All I could recall was that they were in my closet, by my shoes. I remembered inserting them in a tiny plastic bag so I wouldn't lose them.

After meditating, as I was getting ready for work, my attention was drawn to a "basket" in my bedroom. I glanced at the basket and said I didn't like it being there and that I would "move it" when I had more time.

Several days later, I decided to relocate the basket. I only kept scarves in it that I wanted to use some day when I learned more about "color therapy." Well, for some strange reason, I decided to "lift up" these scarves, and lo and behold, my missing orthotics! And, not in a plastic bag!

This may seem like a "normal" reality shift, if there IS such a thing, but my story goes a little bit further. Just minutes before I had gone into my bedroom to move this basket, the ceiling fan lights starting flickering over my breakfast table. I usually take any unusual signs of "electricity" to mean "communication from the spirit world!"

My Mom has been deceased for over 25 years, but we still communicate a lot spiritually. I believe that when she or anyone else wants to communicate with their loved ones, it is often done through electricity! Either light bulbs will suddenly burst or flicker, or several lights bulbs will burn out in a short period of time, or the electric toaster will "act funny." I am used to synchronicity, so I keep myself very aware. When the lights in my breakfast room started to flicker, I took that as a "positive sign." I went upstairs to my bedroom, and you know the rest of the story.

There is so much "out there" that we do not understand. But, it is SO wonderful if we can keep our minds "open." I teach this to my Reiki students and to anyone who is very spiritual. We can communicate with the deceased, if we just "listen." They are with us all the time, we just need to be "aware" of them. They can be as close or as far as we want them to be, and because of this, they are closer to us now than they ever were!

I do not "miss my Mom" in the normal sense of the word, because she is with me "constantly." I can call on her anytime I am lonely, or sad, or just want to send her love! So, for anyone bereaving, take comfort in the fact that we haven't "lost" them, -- in reality, they are "found!" If anyone wants to know more about this, I would be glad to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at ""

When Objects Teleport
by Alijandra
San Jose, California

All of my life I have had odd, usually unexplained events involving crystals, gemstones, jewelry and once with a red rose. After my recent trip to New Zealand where one of the most dramatic of these events occurred, I decided it was time to write about this subject. While the so-called "psychic" phenomena is interesting, I would not bother with an article on this alone. It has been the spiritual that has always held my heart. This is a topic which seamlessly merges the two.

I would like to start off by giving you a few definitions. Teleportation is the ability to dematerialize a physical object or being, rematerializing it instantly in another physical location. While "beam me up, Scotty!" has become a part of our international psyche, it is still considered by most to be impossible to achieve. Lately, with the advent of the ascension movement, the re-emergence of the mystery schools ancient teachings, and quantum physics, it is becoming more than just an unusual concept. IBM and others have proved teleportation in the lab in a modest way. But there have always been cases of teleporation throughout history: the "wonderman of Europe" Comte de Saint Germain, Padre Pio of last century, Sister Mary of Agreda are some who had the ability to teleport on demand. There are many books of the unexplained listing spontaneous teleportations, perhaps caused by ley line or vortex interference distorting the time/space continuum, causing the physical body to suddenly shift in density. One's body then behaves like sub-atomic particles documented in the study of quantum physics; particles that can be instantaneously somewhere else.

(For more information on teleportation, my book "Healing with the Rainbow Rays" has a section on this subject, as well as a technique to learn teleportation.)

When objects apport, they are materializing from another dimension, or the astral or causal level. Most of you know the most famous and current apport specialist, Satya Sai Baba of India. He has performed probably thousands of apports. To him, it is as simple as breathing. He understands the underlying cosmic laws that govern the physical universe and well as the illusory nature of that matter. His intent is not to just give the person a pretty piece of jewelry, but to demonstrate this fact.

This article will delve into objects teleporting, apporting, and giving "birth". Join us for the wild ride!

When I was about 19 years old, I was meditating and working on my spiritual growth. One evening my mother and I attended a metaphysical church in Sacramento, California which I had been to only once or twice before. The event was quite full---most of the seats were taken. One of the staff psychics passed a basket around into which we placed a piece of our jewelry or some other personal effect for him to read. He was doing psychometry --- the intuitive ability to pick up on the objectGs ownerGs vibrations. I placed my "birthstone" ring of white-gold and three tiny diamonds into the basket. Integral to the process was the element of anonymity; that way the reading could be free-flowing and unbiased.

When the psychic read my ring, he looked rather stunned. He said he could see swirling galaxies, star systems, an other-worldly sensation. This was the only reading of this nature that was given that night. I guess I was expecting him to say what my future husband would be like!

At some point in the session, a young lady in the pew behind us who was unknown to me (and who I never saw again), leaned over to me, handing me the most perfect red rose, saying that she "felt" she should give it to me. I thanked her for the lovely gift and received the rose. I was to discover in later years that the roses are my spiritual flower --- particularly the red rose and deep pink varieties, as well as the spiritual scent of rose.

At the end of the evening my mother and I left the church to go to our car. I was still admiring and holding onto my red rose. On the quiet drive home, as I held the rose, I drifted into a strange reverie. Much of the drive was somewhat hazy, as though I was drifting into a sleep state. When we arrived home, we parked in our driveway and went straight to bed.

As I awoke the next morning a thought hit me with the force of a ton of bricks. THE ROSE! The previous evening flashed back to me with the realization that I had not carried the rose into the house with me the night before. A strange intuitive feeling then came to me that the rose was no more---that it had dematerialized and gone back to where it had originated. But of course that skeptical side of myself needed to be sure that I had not left it in the car or dropped it on the walkway from the driveway to the front door.

I carefully checked the walk and the car which had not been used or moved since the evening before. Not a trace of the rose could be found --- not even a petal or a leaf. My mother was at a loss to explain where it could have disappeared to. I figured that it meant something that I would understand later.

A year or two later as I headed back home from a meditation at a very different church --- a yoga-based organization I belonged to at the time --- I suddenly thought again of that rose and immediately the entire car was filled with the pungent smell of roses. The "spiritual" fragrance lasted a few moments, then faded. It was validation for me of the other experience. It showed me how our guides and Spirit watch over us and protect us. To me, the rose is a symbol of divine love.

Many times throughout the last twenty-five years, I have had the privilege and pleasure to smell the fragrance of roses, generally when I am doing healing work with clients, or in meditation.

One of the first obvious experiences involving the living nature of crystals occurred about thirteen years ago. I had placed a three inch yellow citrine single terminated crystal on a living room side table. Its only function (or so I mistakenly thought!) was to look beautiful. It was usually only picked up to be admired, or when the table needed dusting. Imagine my surprise when one day I came home to find two little citrine crystals lying next to the larger citrine.

My boyfriend at the time, being of a scientific nature, highly skeptical of things metaphysical, was convinced that there must naturally be a "logical reason". It was all I could do to not laugh when watching him pick up "Mama Citrine" and her babies, he reasoned that they must have naturally split off from the main crystal---not an unreasonable assumption. After a few moments of literally not being able to find the places they "split off of", he placed them back down on the table and never brought up the subject again!

The twin citrines were adorable. Those of you in the crystal world know that they often have male or female energies. In this case, one was male and the other female. I would on rare occasion use them in classes and in private healing work. Their home has now been upgraded from the living room to the head of my bed.

After several years, the mother citrine mysteriously split in half with no discernable explanation, as there were no cracks or fissures. There are now two pieces to her.
Another amazing occurrance happened approximately in the same time period. At the time, I never slept with crystals or stones under my pillow (that has changed) One morning, half asleep, but with an obviously intent-based precision, I turned over and put my hand under the pillow right on a very small---approximately _ inch, but exquisite clear quartz with two terminations which joined together at an angle.

Thank goodness for channeling! It was discovered through that process that the tiny crystal was especially made for me by a beloved soul friend in a higher vibrating dimension. A friend set the quartz in a linked heart clay pin jewelry setting so I could wear it.

The next event occurred about 10 years ago in Ireland, while on a vortex trip with a group. We had been doing a lot of clearing, healing and balancing of the energies in England, Ireland and Wales. I was not the tour leader of the voyage, but a facilitator and co-teacher.

One of the nights we were gathering for a channeling with the tour leader. I put on a pair of pretty tight jeans (back when I wore skin tight jeans!) which were brand new and had never been worn.

After I had been seated for about half of the event, I suddenly felt something digging into me in the little front pocket of the jeans. Curiously, I reached inside the tight space, pulling out a very small, round white stone which looked as though it was composed of some sort of a pumice material. On closer inspection, I saw it had shiny black specks in it which resembled a black tourmaline or obsidian-like material.

Knowing that this was an apport, I took the opportunity to ask the channeler what it was and what was supposed to be done with it. The answer was that it was from a healing guide on the other levels who wished to have it left in the river stream at the Ring of Kerry. It was to be a connection between our two worlds.

That night I placed the stone on my third eye and enjoyed the energy of it before giving it up the next day to its new home in the running stream at the Ring of Kerry.

Over the years, there have been other fun occurrences. I have had a pair of malachite earrings leave the jewelry wall unit and show up a few days later. Several stones, which I never bought, showed up on the soil of a plant which was kept on a fairly inaccessible ledge about 10 feet high. A gemstone disappeared and then re-appeared some time later under our piano bench. One time I got up off of the family room couch, walked across to the kitchen to dispose of a plastic wrapper, and came back to a heart-shaped rose quartz in the precise place I was sitting. I had no rose quartz crystals in that room. Besides, like the "Princess in the Pea" story, I would have known if I was sitting on something that hard!

The recent dramatic event in New Zealand was pretty fantastic.

I had purchased a green stone ring set in silver while in the Yucatan 11 years ago. It was an inexpensive ring, and none of the jewelers who have seen it here in the States seem to know exactly what kind it is, although it seems to be a man-made green glass with volcanic ash properties. It may be cheap but it is attractive and has a lot of healing energy in it. Anyway, I wore this ring a few times while in New Zealand.

About three days before the end of the 2 week trip, I was in rural Rotorua, staying with friends. It had been a vacation, non-teaching day. We had seen the sights of Rotorua: the local craters and geysers, the downtown, and that evening the tourist attraction Maori Village on the outskirts of Rotorua. I was wearing my "green" jewelry that day.

When we got home, I began to take off my jewelry and I noticed that the ring was missing off of my right ring finger. The bracelets were there, and the earrings, but no ring. In mild dismay, I figured it had somehow slipped off (although it was a good fit). Intuitively I knew it had happened at the Maori Village. I told my hostess, Sandy, that if for some reason it should turn up in the house, to hold on to it until next I saw her. But I knew it had been lost on our outside journey that day.

As I was packing 3 days later, I double-checked my jewelry pouch, again noticing the ring was gone. And of course, it had not been discovered in the house. Oddly enough, although it was a favorite ring, I didn't feel upset about losing it.

Upon my arrival home, I unpacked the jewelry pouch putting everything back into the wall jewelry holder. Again, I thought of the green ring as I was putting the other three rings I had taken back onto their pegs in the wall holder.

Three weeks later, I decided it was a "green" jewelry day again. I was headed to a kundalini class taught by one of my color students. I reached for the malachite ring on the peg and couldn't believe my eyes. The green ring was back, sitting on one of the two ring pegs!

After my stunned surprise I was very impressed that it managed to not only find its way back to me from Down Under, but that it showed up in its proper place! A true case of teleportation. Now, to find out where it had been, why it had left, and what it had been up to.

I had a number of my friends and advanced students read the ring through psychometry (the art of reading an objectGs vibrations). None of them knew ahead of time what was up with the ring, since the only one who knew it was missing was Sandy---and she was in New Zealand!

It appears to have been on a healing mission to clear and balance trauma within the Maori culture. There was much shock and suffering for those caught when the volcanic geysers erupted unexpectedly. Much loss of life occurred as huge amounts of the local inhabitants in Rotorua were buried alive under a mountain of hot acid. Who knows? Perhaps I was even there myself, for I did feel a kinship with the Maoris.

There is an intelligent devic-like being (either a nature spirit or what one person thought could be a "genie") who lives within the ring. It feels that it tried, but wasnGt as successful in this endeavor as it wished to be. The ring itself needed healing upon arrival back, which we gave it. One person said she saw what was like a "rollercoaster ride through a jungle".

My purpose in sharing these stories with you is to reiterate the views of the enlightened and self-realized ones who have come before us, and who live amongst us now:

They wish us to stretch our boundaries of limited thinking and experience to one of unlimited perspective, understanding the fluidity of matter. And that matter is only a thought of the Divine Being.

Blessings to all of you.

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