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Frequently Asked Questions
About Auras & Reality Shifts

What are reality shifts?

Reality shifts are physically observable changes that occur without any direct physical intervention such as: material appearances, disappearances, transformations, and transportations occurring in and around us... as well as ways we experience time. Reality shifts can be thought of as spatial and temporal quantum shifts in the large-scale world. Reality shifts are a very common phenomenon.

When do you notice reality shifting?

Reality shifts happen most spectacularly for me when I'm experiencing life from my heart, rather than my head. When I feel full of love, I have fewer accidents and mishaps, and I see my wishes come true right before my eyes. Sometimes there's a time delay, or I'll simply notice lots of synchronicities and coincidences, as if everything I'm wishing for in the back of my mind starts coming true!

Can you shift reality on demand?

Yes, but I have only been able to shift reality on demand when I'm coming from my heart and feeling tremendous love... and that's most natural for me when someone I love needs healing.

Can everyone shift reality?

Yes. Most of us notice synchronicities and coincidences in our lives without considering that we helped create them.

Why did you create the realityshifters web site and RealityShifters News ezine?

Most people shift reality in haphazard fashion, because they don't know they are helping create the reality they experience. I wrote the Reality Shifts book to help people become more conscious of how powerful it is to live a life of love. It feels miraculous and magical, and it's so easy to do!

Who decides what reality shifts we experience?

We individually and collectively create reality around us. Each one of us has many conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that combine like energetic wave forms all around us. When we are unconscious about them, we are not fixing the possibilities into reality, and when we stop to pay attention to something, it becomes material in our world.

How do we know what shifts to intend?

The realities we put most of our energy into are the ones we tend to attract to us, either because we most love or fear them. As we become more conscious of our intentions, we become more conscious of what possibilities are available.

Why don't we all win the lottery?

We get what we need, based on our true emotional desire for experience. We strongly attract experiences we feel great love or fear for, and unless we actually have those feelings about winning the lottery, we probably won't win.

Do mental exercises increase awareness of reality shifts?

Yes. Our sensory perceptions are actively constructed. What we see is, invariably, what our visual intelligence constructs. My sense of smell greatly improves by focusing on it, as do my senses of hearing, touch, taste, and sight. I also notice that anything I focus my attention on I'll tend to see more of. If I think about babies, it seems like there are babies everywhere! When I think about reality shifts, I notice them all around me.

Can we control the reality shifts in our lives to eliminate sickness and disease?

We can wish for our health and the health of the world to improve, and have that wish become a reality. Our wishes to become healthy begin with how we live our lives and interact with the world around us. The great spiritual teachers remind us that the secret of the ages is in becoming conscious, in waking up to our own divinity (such as it is), and in recognizing the choices we make in our attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. Bad things may happen to us, but we can always choose how we respond to every situation. When we heal ourselves emotionally, our bodies heal.

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