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Heaven's Boughs
by Cynthia Larson

I climb my tree with book in hand,
and feel the rough bark scratch me.

Barefoot toe-holds lift me up into the leafy bower
heaven's gateway of poking twigs
and twisting branch of roughened bark
and fragrant bough.

Ants walk here towards the sky
as I twist and turn
finding a nest of branches to embrace me,
my barefoot toes wiggling in ecstatic delight.

Sunlight dances through cathedral leaf patterns above
birds sing nearby.

I can feel myself steady and embraced in love
yet swaying gently...
in these scratchy arms.

I feel so much love here,
I rest my head and fall asleep...
wakening much later to gaze 
into a blue jay's intense eyes.

We are brothers, 
he and I.


by Cynthia Larson

This morning I arise and realize my love will set me free.
REAL freedom this time...
the freedom to be me.

I'd thought freedom meant I'm unwanted and alone
But now I find in my heart I know I'm coming home.

Home to where my heart is
Soaring high up above
Home to feeling honesty, integrity, and love.

These things are all within me
and they've been here all along.
It's just taken time for me to be still enough
to hear their quiet song.

In silence I can feel love
In silence all is known
In silence I remember
How on love's wings I have flown.

Copyright @ 2000 by Cynthia Sue Larson, All Rights Reserved